Why Small Celebrations are Important

You don’t need a special occasion to show someone you love and care about them. I am personally a gift-giver, I love seeing the joy on my friend’s faces when I surprise them with something special. I realise though, some people aren’t natural gift-givers and many people in relationships are left frustrated and disappointed that their partner or friends show a lack of love, care or appreciation. 

There are also those that say they ‘don’t want anything’, like my best friend. Recently she got out of a nine-year relationship, she never received anything on Valentine’s Day, and her partner even ‘forgot’ her birthday every year. Despite her tough exterior and her adamantly telling me she didn’t care if she didn’t receive anything for Valentine’s Day, as her best friend I decided to surprise her in the morning with blooms, a coffee and sweets. She was smitten, delight flooded her face. It was then she admitted to me that it wasn’t that she hated Valentine’s Day, it was that she set her expectations low so she wasn’t left disappointed. 

Taking the initiative to show someone you love and appreciate them not only enhances a relationship but can also potentially save it too. There are so many ways you can surprise someone, and flowers are the perfect choice for all occasions. 

Romantic Gift Ideas 

There are those that are natural-born romantics, and those that well, aren’t. Usually at the start of any relationship partners tend to put more effort into romance and once the honeymoon stage is over, whatever romantic efforts existed at the beginning slowly dwindle as the grind of everyday life takes over. However, what most seemingly don’t realise is that it doesn’t take much effort to keep the spark alive. 

Roses are a popular romantic gift, not only are they breathtakingly stunning, but they also symbolise love and passion. You can order roses online for same-day flower delivery, or visit us in the store for roses in Broadmeadows; our experienced staff are happy to assist you. Not everyone has an extensive budget to spend on showering their loved one with romantic gifts, but it doesn’t take much to impress someone with flowers; we have a range of premium roses to cater for most budgets. You can purchase a single-rose, or fifty. We can even customise orders to cater for larger quantities and everything in between. 

Celebration Flowers

For the majority of my life, and particularly my career, I would finish a project and just move onto the next, never taking the time to celebrate progress and achievements in between. Having children made me quickly realise how precious moments are, and how finite life truly is. 

It’s important to celebrate the small wins, in fact, it’s crucial. Have you watched a child celebrate the moment they learnt something new, no matter how small? It’s beautiful to watch, and it’s also a practical survival tool, without celebrating small achievements children would naturally lack the motivation to overcome the hard challenges associated with personal development and growth. 

Many people focus on their end-goal rather than celebrating life’s smaller achievements, your journey to achieving a goal, is exactly that, a journey. Taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate progress keeps you more motivated to achieve your dreams, and also adds value to your life. It’s also important to celebrate the achievements of those closest to us. 

When was the last time you surprised someone out of the blue; or told them how proud you were of their progress. Celebration flowers are a thoughtful gesture that shows your love and support. 

Thank You Flowers

We can all take those closest to us for granted at times, and the ones who do so much, generally are the ones who ask for little in return or who casually brush off their generosity. Give the gift of giving by sending a surprise bouquet of beautiful thank you flowers to someone you love. 

Thank you flowers are generally arranged from seasonal flowers. We have a range of Thank You flowers available from cheap flowers Broadmeadows to more luxury bouquets, however, it’s important to remember that it’s not the amount of money you have to spend that counts, it’s the gesture. Besides, even our cheap flowers are made with premium seasonal flowers and lush foliage and beautifully presented. We also offer same-day flower delivery Broadmeadows, call us to arrange your surprise gesture of gratitude. 

Just Because 

Some of the most memorable surprises are the ones that you least expect. We have a beautiful range of premium flowers to suit all budgets. Make someone’s week special by surprising them with an impromptu gift. 

New Baby

When a baby is expected the to-be parent(s) are overwhelmed with gifts and attention. However once the baby is born and a few weeks or months pass, the attention tends to die down and the parents are left exhausted and with little energy for self-love. Raising children is hard work, it’s tiring and at times challenging. Send new parent(s) a surprise gift to show them that you are thinking of them; your gesture of support and thoughtfulness will go a long way. 

You don’t have to have a new arrival in your close circle to show appreciation to parent(s). Some parent(s) go through challenges in other ways, whether it’s helping a child overcome adversity or illness. Sending a self-care package and flowers will show your friend that you are thinking of them and that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, even sending a small note that says ‘you’re doing a good job’, will leave a lot of parents in tears of gratitude. 

I hope my tips above have helped reiterate the importance of taking the initiative to show someone you care. And, if you are still struggling with a gift idea, or would like to speak to someone, our friendly Pascoe Vale florists at Broadmeadows Blooms are always happy to assist you with any questions you may have, including custom orders. 

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.