9 Things You Didn’t Know About Being A Florist

Florist Gladstone Park

Florist Gladstone Park

Flowers fascinate us with their inimitable beauty and alluring scents. Nearly every bloom is a symbol of something special. But the hands through which these unique gifts of nature pass to reach our doorsteps is unknown to many of us. Florists care for and arrange different types of flowers. However, is filling a nice-looking vase with pretty blooms the only thing in the floristry realm? After interviewing a few to get insights into the florist in Gladstone park industry, here are nine amazing facts about them you probably never knew.


Florist Gladstone Park

1. Waking Up Early

Being early for work is the secret to making it as a florist. If most businesses open from 9 am, for example, it means getting to work at least two hours early. The early hours of the morning are ideal for cutting and processing flowers. 

It’s also the perfect time to look at orders that came in during the night and to help decide which arrangements to prioritize. And when it’s time to go shopping at wholesale flower markets, it’s not unusual for florists to wake up as early as 3 am. There’s a small price to pay to get the best flowers at wholesalers before they sell out. 

2. Getting the Right Blooms Can Take Time

Creating a variety of bouquets and complex floral arrangements can be time-consuming. Florists usually have to compare different sources when searching for flowers and plants. Based on the clients’ needs and the flowers in season, florists may buy directly from flower auctions, local flower farms, or wholesalers. Other florists prefer to grow their blooms in-house or even import from places like Colombia and the Netherlands. 

Florist Gladstone Park

3. Working Flowers Is More Labour-Intensive Than It Looks

You would probably doubt it if they told you that flowers are not as weightless as they look. Similarly, maybe it sounds ridiculous that a florist’s work is more labour-intensive than many of us would imagine. To be the go-to florist Gladstone park trusts means picking up and transporting all the blooms. 

There’s also the cleaning and processing stages, translating to hours of standing work. After that, you must pick a design before cleaning up all the debris and leaves. Lifting heavy water buckets, arranging large display branches, and unpacking huge plant shipments require strong leg and arm muscles. 

Florist Gladstone Park

4. Timing is Key 

Timing means everything for a florist. Since blooms are highly perishable, florists are always racing against time. Proper timing of purchases and deliveries ensures buds have bloomed by the time they get to your doorstep. 

To achieve this precision, florists can pick from a variety of tricks. Conditioning flowers, for example, involves splitting or cutting the stems in readiness for display. Usually, they trim flowers at a 45-degree angle to improve water absorption. Another way to condition flowers is to dunk them in cold water. Direct sunlight isn’t good for the blooms.

Wedding flowers must look fresh and open. It means investing in a facility that keeps the blooms in a refrigerated environment. Also, flowers might wilt and die before they arrive at a customer’s door if florists make the wedding centrepieces earlier than the day before the event. 

5. Holidays Can Be Hectic 

Florists don’t enjoy much of a head start to arrange flowers during high-seasons like Valentine’s Day. You can easily confuse flower shops for factories on high-volume days. While florists consider working with flowers a relaxing endeavour, they can stand for up to 12 hours a day on holidays.

Florist Gladstone Park

6. Taking Allergy Medication Is A Remedy 

If your life involves working with flowers, a persistently itchy nose and sneezing fits may complicate things. Not all florists are created equal. So, although most of them have no issues, some are allergic to plants and pollen. 

And how do they manage? Some florists get allergy injections from their physicians, take allergy medications daily, or avoid problematic flower types. The perks of being a florist outweigh the sneezing. 

Florist Gladstone Park

7. Florists Wish Clients Would Look After Cut Flowers Better 

Learning proper flower care is the best weapon if you lament about your bouquets not lasting long enough. Water is a vital ingredient that can help flowers to last more than a few days. Also, the more booms in your arrangement, the more water you’ll need to keep them fresh. 

Checking the water levels daily is a good way to lengthen the lifespan of your cut flowers. Most bouquets come with flower food. Be sure to use that for a longer-than-average life. Additionally, ensure your flowers are in a clean vase. And avoiding direct heat, fruit, and sunlight will give you the most out of your bouquets. Remember that ethylene gas, like what pears and apples produce, can cause your blooms to wilt fast. 


The Wrap Up 

The love for flowers is what inspires many florists to the profession. According to florists near Gladstone park, flowers are both beautiful and strange, and working with blooms offers an artistic fulfilment. Working with different scents, heights, colours, and texts allows florists to express their creativity. But as with any other profession, being a florist has its challenges.