Trendy Ways to Decorate With Flowers

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Establishing a home is critical when we progress in life and settle down. A home means various things to different people. For many people, a home is fundamentally a space where you can relax and rest. There are many ways to decorate your home and give it a personal touch. Flowers are a great way to give your house a homey feel. If you’ve been searching for florists Essendon to give your home a unique vibe then look no further than Broadmeadows Blooms.

Here are some innovative ways to decorate your home with flowers.

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1. Use Your Old Bottles

Do you have empty glass bottles lying around? Some of the empty bottles you have can serve as unique flower vases to hold blooms of every colour and hue.

Use bottles that have unique shapes. Don’t be shy about using wine bottles. You can easily remove the labels on these bottles by soaking them in warm soapy water.

Place the bottles with single stalks of chrysanthemums or roses on a feature wall.

2. Flower Wall

You can also use flowers to create accent walls. You will need artificial flowers for this. You can get artificial flowers from a manufacturer at a reasonable price. Be sure to remove any stalks if they are present.

Use hot glue to stick the flowers in a pattern on the wall of your choice. First, you can attach the flowers to a cheap wallpaper to protect your wall. If you feel like switching up the look, you can peel off the wallpaper.

3. Tin Can Pots

If you are making beans for dinner, save the cans. Transfer your favourite plants to the can after you’ve removed the labels. Using a tin as a vase is an idea that blends with contemporary houses.

You can spray-paint the cans before repotting or displaying your plants. To enhance the layout, you can screw the can onto a wooden design which is lightly sanded to bring out a texturally fascinating wall hanging.

4. Birdcage Flower Bed

Consider revamping a birdcage if you like everything Art Decor.

Go to the market and buy a birdcage—use it as a flower bed to plant creepers together with flowers and direct the creepers to grow along the birdcage. Additionally, you can place a vase with flowers in the cage or a bouquet on the cage top.

5. Strung-up Flowers

A wall decor idea can brighten up your walls. Get a tiny branch with a thickness of 5cm and a length of at least 2 feet. Get a sturdy rope and use it to tie the ends—you’ll use it to hang the decor on the wall.

Get thin ropes, hang from the branch’s length, and weave in flowers on the ends of the ropes. This display is flexible and movable according to the space available.

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