Buying The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts: Tips From a Florist

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Valentine’s Day Flowers: What are the right flowers to get?

Looking for the perfect way to show your beloved how much you care this Valentine’s Day?

There’s no better way to make love bloom between you and your sweetheart with a bouquet of fragrant florals from a florist in Glenroy.

But what are the right flowers to get? Which blooms should you buy? Should you stick with traditional red roses or go with something a little more exotic and different?

Choosing the right flowers for your partner can be tricky. That’s why we’ve created this article to help you pick the perfect flowers this Valentine’s Day.

Long-stemmed Roses

No list of Valentine’s Day flowers would be complete without mentioning long-stemmed red roses. Red roses are known around the world for being the bloom of love and symbolising romance.

But did you know that the number of roses you give also holds significance?

  • A single rose indicates love at first sight
  • 3 roses say ‘I love you’
  • 9 roses are a symbol of eternal love
  • 12 roses is a simple way to ask someone to be yours
  • 24 roses say ‘You’re always on my mind’

Oriental Lilies

If your sweetheart is a lover of lilies, this could be the perfect flower for your Valentine’s Day bouquet. Lilies pair well with almost any other flower and add a touch of glamour to a mixed bouquet of flowers.

Symbolising purity and innocence, Lilies are the perfect choice if you are in a new relationship or if they just happen to be your beloved’s favourite flower! Pink lilies are the ultimate feminine flower and are sure to inspire gooey feelings of love and romance.


If you’re looking for something a little more different and exotic, you can’t go past a beautiful bouquet of purple orchids. These are delicate flowers that exude luxury, love and all the finer things in life.

And the best part? Unlike traditional bouquets that may only last for a week or so, orchids can live on for years, continuing to bloom each year as your relationship grows and evolves.

Rose Bear

Forget about traditional bouquets of roses…this Valentine’s Day give your sweetheart a gift they’ll never forget!

Our unique rose bear is carefully handcrafted with synthetic roses, for a Valentine’s Day gift that is sure to leave your beloved smiling with joy.

Rainbow Blooms

Want your lover’s bouquet to stand out from all the rest this Valentine’s Day? Gorgeous rainbow-coloured blooms are the way to go. Delight and dazzle your sweetheart with a bouquet they’re sure to love!

These unforgettable flowers have been artificially dyed to create a beautiful rainbow coloured kaleidoscope effect – a gift they’ll surely remember.

Order your Valentine’s Day Flowers from the best florist in Glenroy

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