When is the Best Time to Send Flowers After a Death?

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Sympathy Flower delivery Moonee Ponds | Most people get sorrowful and confused when they lose a close relative or friend. Even worse, expressing your sympathy to the bereaved can be challenging since words will never be enough.

However, sending flowers to a grieving friend or family member is an excellent way to express your sympathy. They’ll know you care about them when you deliver a sympathy bouquet or funeral wreath to their door.

However, you must understand the proper etiquette for sending flowers to funerals or expressing condolences and sympathies. In this post, I’ll walk you through when you should send flowers to a funeral and when to send flowers to your loved ones after losing their relatives or friends.

When Should I Send Flowers to a Funeral?
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Flowers are attractive diversionary gifts that can also help to beautify the funeral environment. Anyone can send them, but most funeral flowers are ordered by close friends or family and delivered directly to the memorial services, cremation homes or church.

When ordering flower delivery arrangements, it’s essential to let the florists know when the funeral will be held to preserve the flowers appropriately for the service. ​So here comes the question—when should you send flowers to a funeral?

You can send flowers to a funeral when you were only close to the deceased but didn’t have a personal relationship with any family members. Include “The Family of (departed)” on the sympathy card accompanying the flower.

Send flowers to the bereaved family members if you can’t attend a funeral due to unavoidable circumstances. It shows that you care about them and can still show sympathy despite your absence from the funeral.

Finally, you can send a bouquet to a funeral you’ll be attending prior. Flowers are suitable sympathy gifts, and you may prefer to send a flower rather than a casserole or another memorial item for the home.

When Should I Send Sympathy Flowers to a Loved One?

Sympathy Flowers are sent to the home of a bereaved family member or close relative. Besides, plants are also a good choice because they serve as a lasting reminder and a remembrance of the deceased.

A variety of circumstances may prompt you to send flowers to a loved one’s residence.

If there is only a simple graveside service or scattering ceremony planned, you can consider sending flowers to the family member’s home.

If the service is a few weeks or months away, send flowers to the bereaved family member’s residence. While you can send flowers to a funeral months after the person has passed away, sending a flower soon after the death shows that you care about the loss.

Besides, If you want to make sure that the arrangement goes to a specific person, send flowers to a family member’s home. You should address the sent display to a specific person and send the gift privately.

Families are sometimes forced to travel long distances to attend a loved one’s funeral. If you want to send the family a sympathy flower, do so after the funeral.

If the family is holding a virtual funeral through a service, you can also send flowers to them. However, you first need to find out if they accept flowers.

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