Being COVID Safe: The Perfect Flowers for a COVID Wedding

Covid wedding

Finally, social isolation measures are easing in Melbourne. Although planning a wedding can still be stressful during COVID, Broadmeadows is here to help guide you through it. By following social distancing and having a more intimate gathering, it’s possible to have your wedding during COVID. 

In this article, we’ll talk about planning flowers and decorations for a wedding over a live stream. We’ll also discuss the type of flowers that will stand out in an online COVID wedding. 

Social Distancing Wedding Rules for a COVID Wedding 

covid wedding flowers

It’s essential to keep in mind that different states have different limitations on guests. The best thing to do is to check with your venue and vendors about social distancing logistics. To help minimise contact, we recommend meeting with vendors virtually through FaceTime and Zoom. 

One of the social distancing wedding guidelines to consider is table seating arrangements. While some states might allow up to 10 people at a table, others might only allow up to 4. This will impact your reception decorations, as well as the number of invitees. 

Singing and dancing are two other aspects where social distancing comes into play. A COVID wedding can still have people singing, but they need to be a safe distance away from guests. There also needs to be a spacious dancing space so people can maintain a healthy distance. 

Although the rules are changing rapidly, it’s crucial to stay informed and follow the guidelines for your particular state. 

Flowers And Decorations Over A Live Stream

Since you most likely will need to have a smaller guest list, many of your friends and family will be watching via live stream. Therefore, you’ll want the flowers and decorations in front of the camera. We recommend going for more lavish wedding decorations, such as an elaborate arch design. You can also add flowers to the back of chairs for guests to enjoy. 

At Broadmeadows, we have expert flower designers to help you plan your arrangements. We’ll help you plan your comprehensive wedding decorations: ranging from the bridal floral arrangements, to the wedding cake, to the guest table decorations. We have experience planning elaborate or more simple themes, depending on your budget and preferences. 

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Types Of Flowers That Are Perfect For Covid Weddings Online

Broadmeadows features gorgeous bouquets for your COVID wedding. We recommend choosing antimicrobial flowers, which are healthier for you and your guests. 

Some antimicrobial flowers we suggest are basil, sage, and lavender. They can kill microorganisms and add a layer of protection to your wedding. 

We’re also a fan of smaller, economical reception options. Smaller bud vases with loose greenery are a subtle, elegant way to decorate tables. They’ll also take up less space, making your guests feel more comfortable. 

Planning a Wedding? 

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If you’re planning a COVID wedding for 2021, we’d love to hear from you. Although the circumstances are still not perfect, we understand that you may not want to wait any longer. Contact our expert florists, and we’ll help you plan the decorations and floral arrangements for your beautiful wedding. 

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