Choosing Valentines Day Flowers

With February 14th around the corner, it’s nearly time for celebrating Valentine’s day. With all of the stress happening in the world, flowers, gifts, and plants can be a wonderful surprise. While some people may be sending flowers to their partners, you can also send flowers to family and friends.

In this article, our florists at In Full Bloom will provide you with expert tips on how to choose Valentine’s Day flowers. By the end of the article, you’ll know exactly which flowers are perfect for your loved ones.

What Flowers Are Perfect for Delivery this Valentine’s Day?


  • Bouquet of Roses. Though it may be a cliche, roses are a timeless classic for valentine’s day. There’s nothing better than giving someone you love a fresh, sweet-smelling bouquet of roses.
  • Pink Roses. Pink roses symbolise innocence, femininity, and youth. They may be perfect for a younger sister or a close friend.
  • White Roses. Symbolising purity and humility, white roses are perfect for a soon-to-be bride. You can also get them for someone who loves simplicity and cleanliness.
  • Red Roses. Valentine’s day wouldn’t be complete without red roses. These iconic blooms symbolise deep affection and love.


  • Yellow Tulips. A fresh and bright flower, yellow tulips are perfect for gifting to a friend. They’re also appropriate for a child, parent, or another family member.
  • Pink Tulips. This colour of tulips symbolises well wishes and happiness. They’re ideal for gifting early in the year to wish someone good luck.
  • Red Tulips. Though the sentiment isn’t as strong as red roses, red tulips also symbolise love. They’re the perfect bloom for a budding relationship.


Carnations have become many women’s favourite flowers for Valentine’s day. Their delicate petals and wide range of colours also make them a popular choice. You can’t go wrong with a bouquet of red, pink and white carnations to symbolise love!

Adding Gifts to Your Valentines Day Flowers

At In Full Bloom, we make it easy to order add-ons like chocolates, wine, and teddy bears.

Our Melbourne flower shop also offers gift hampers with a variety of different goodies.

Some of the hampers have champagne, others have fruit and wine, and others have delicious snacks. With our online shop, it’s easy to order the perfect flowers and gifts for your recipient. They’ll know the gift comes from the heart when it’s personalised with their favourite indulgences.

Valentines Flower Delivery Melbourne

We’re proud to offer same-day flower delivery across Australia. Just make sure that you order before 5 pm on the weekdays to guarantee the delivery. On Saturday’s, we ask that you send the request before 10 am.

We are renowned as the best Melbourne florist for our affordable prices, friendly customer service, and fast delivery. This Valentine’s Day, you can rely on us to deliver the perfect flowers without any hassles.

For custom requests, feel free to contact us at +61 (3)  9309 7288. You can also order the perfect Valentine’s day flowers directly from our online shop.